A Nature Inspired Home

Something my family always loved to do when I was younger was camping. I, personally, was not and still am not a big fan. But I can’t deny the sense of relief and relaxation, no matter how brief it was. Being outside, surrounded by trees, mountains, water, etc. is such a good feeling.  Nature is often used by people to inspire artwork, music, writing, and the like. But can you use nature to inspire home decor? Well, reader… of course ;) Interior design is just like any form of art and you can use anything and everything as inspiration! 

When I think of “nature-inspired” home decor, I envision a lot of wood furniture, green accents, plants, shades of brown or tan, etc.  I just love the idea of incorporating nature within a space to bring the same "breath of fresh air" feeling you get as if you were outside.

Here are some of my favorite nature- themed interiors:

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Thursday! xoxo


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