What a week we had! Overall it was a busy and awesome week. We were busy most the weekend since we had to go clothes shopping for Jayden. I can't believe J will be in kinder already. This means us actually doing homework at night while also balancing our own things we need to do. I honestly love it and I can't wait to have children of our own. 

Remember my mom's before shot of her dining room? Let me remind me you with a photo. Yes I know, gross. I wanted to de-clutter her whole house and since then, we have all been doing better. It's crazy how you can look around your house and realize how much junk you have that is not needed. Aurelio and I live pretty minimal. We hate random stuff or materialistic things. It makes me happy that my mom takes notice and gets inspired by us at times. I know it's hard but we really need to think about what's important in life sometimes. Now here is the reveal of her brighter and pretty dining room. :)